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"Claire's reputation as a sought-after facialist,  coupled with her passion for hands-on holistic treatments make her a well-kept secret in many little black books..."

Claire Marjoram

With a little over 25 years experience in the beauty and wellness industry I have earned myself a reputation as being a sought-after facialist. My passion for hands-on holistic treatments and a deep understanding of skin and how it functions to achieve beautiful, glowing skin.

Being a facialist is in my heart and soul. I am passionate about skincare and the restorative wellness that comes with being hands on with my clients. I am equally passionate about ingredients that go into skincare products and ensure mine are as efficacious yet gentle, natural, sustainable as possible and actually good for the skin!

With my signature facials including European sculptural, face lifting massage, buccal massage, Japanese head massage along with ancient traditional Chinese medicine inspired facial cupping and gua sha I offer a truly unique experience.

Coupled with my ever-growing knowledge of the best advances in specialist aesthetic facial techniques mean I can provide my clients with bespoke treatments to achieve their skin goals and glow!

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Claire Marjoram Restore All In One Facial Oil
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Claire Marjoram Revive Double Hydration Boost
Claire Marjoram Rejuvenate Natural Retinol Alternative
Claire Marjoram Restore All in one facial oil
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